Noel Hendrickson’s shoot for the luxury train service, Rocky Mountaineer was a massive project that spanned a period of three years.   Spotty cell service, restricted use of helicopters and the banning of drones, unpredictable train schedules, changing weather and wildfires,  a touring season that only lasts from May to September and the occasional aggressive bear were just a few of the many challenges Noel and his crew were to face.  Key to success: communication; with the agency, DDB, the client, and other various regulatory jurisdictions and governing bodies.

Another key to success: intensive planning. Once Noel was awarded the project he and his crew worked intensely with the agency, DDB, the client team and multiple location scouts to establish an overall creative approach and look;  identify the exact location, angle, train direction, season and potential issues involved with shooting each of 26 hero image. He aligned the proposed shot-list with the existing train schedule to create a shooting schedule that would span over 2 years.

There were of course some memorable moments. Being chased by grizzly bears and elk, being blown off his feet standing too close to a passing train, nearly tipping in a canoe in rapids along with all his gear, to name a few. It’s clear that to get this job done, took an adventurous and resilient spirit.